How To Change the Hayward CL220 & CL110 Lid O-Ring

In a chlorinator, the most common o-ring that causes leaks is the lid o-ring. Finding the correct o-ring and ultimately replacing it, is a common duty pool owners will find themselves doing. Using this guide, you will have your new lid o-ring changed in no time.

1. Before starting, I cannot stress that you should do this in a very well- ventilated area, outdoors if possible. Chlorine gas is very dangerous and should be taken seriously.

2. First,turn of the pump and filter. Once the pump and filter have been turned off, remove the lid off of the chlorinator. If the lid is difficult to remove, the lid wrench will make it easier.

3. Remove the protective cap that is covering the retaining screw. You can do this by inserting the tip of a flat head screw driver into the slot of the cap.

4. Once the cap has been removed, the retaining screw is now visible.

5. While wearing rubber gloves, hold the bottom half of the cover in place. Using either a number 19 or a 3/4 socket, begin loosening the screw.

6. Once the retaining screw has been removed, the two main parts that make up the cover can be separated. Make certain to notate the position of the white plastic washers.

7. The o-ring should be visible now. Using a flat head screwdriver, pop the o-ring off the bottom part of the cover disk. Once the o-ring is removed, clean the o-ring seat and cover threads using a brush or a rag and warm soap and water.

8. Lubricate the new o-ring using a non-petroleum based lubricant, and begin installing it by pressing it into the groove. The lubricant will help prevent the o-ring from getting “pinched” when the cover is threaded back on. The application of lubricant will also help protect the o-ring from corrosion caused by the chlorine.

9. Work the o-ring into the groove using your fingers as pictured.

10. Before assembling the cover, make certain that the two plastic washers are in place and properly seated. Otherwise, the cap/cover will leak. This is the washer on the cover.

11. When the two halves are put back together, both the top and bottom washer should be aligned and should fit into the groove on the cover.

12. You can now install the retaining screw to hold the two halves together. Make certain not to over-tighten the screw otherwise it can break.

13. Befor installing the screw cover cap, make certain that the groove is lined up with the notch on the cover. This is the groove on the cap.

14. This is the groove on the cover.

15. Once they are aligned, the cap can be easily pushed down into place.

16. The cover assembly is now fully assembled and you can install it back onto the chlorinator.

17. Once the lid has been installed onto the chlorinator, you can turn on the pump and filter to check for leaks. If there are leaks present, turn off the pump and filter and review the steps above.

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