How To Change the Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator Cell Cable

This guide will help you to replace the Cell Cable on your Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator.The single plug Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator Cell Cable has been replaced with a three plug Cell Cable to provide tighter connections to the three prongs on the end of the cell. If your old Cell Cable Plug does not fit tightly on the end of the Cell or you are seeing erroneous messages on your display, it may be time to replace your Cell Cable with a new three plug Cell Cable. 

1. ORDER PARTS - Before starting this installation you will have to order the New Cell Cord for your Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator. This cord comes in two lengths, 6 ft and 15 ft. Note: The clear cup and locking ring shown here only come with a new cell. They are not available in the new cell cable replacement kit. Use the old locking ring. The three terminals are designed to operate in adverse weather conditions without the clear cup. For a new cell cord replacement without the clear cup, ignore all steps 4 through 15 except steps 10 and 11. Basically take the old cell plug off, and attach the three new plugs onto the cell terminals.

2. TURN OFF POWER - Turn off all power to the Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator and pump. If possible turn the power off at the circuit breaker. Make sure power is OFF and cannot be accidentally turned on while you are changing the cell cord. This is 240V. If you are unfamiliar with electricity, have an electrician help you with the electrical changes.

3. REMOVE CELL CORD PLUG - Gently pry off the cell plug on the end of the cell.

4. REMOVE UNION COLLARS - Unscrew the collars on the barrel unions that connect the Cell Assembly to the piping.

5. UNLATCH OUTER CELL COVER - Separate the outer blue cover surrounding the cell by pulling the two halves apart. You may have to press down gently at the latching points with a screwdriver to help release them. Start at the cell plug end.

6. REMOVE OUTER COVER - This picture shows outer blue cover halves after being separated.

7. REMOVE LOCKING RING - Unscrew the Locking Ring off the end of the Cell.

8. THREAD CABLE THRU CUP - Take the end of the cable without the plugs and thread it through the Cup as shown.

9. PULL CABLE TO PLUGS END - Pull the Cable all the way through the hole in the Cup until it reaches the end with the Plugs. String the Locking Ring onto the Cable in a similar manner.

10. ATTACH PLUGS - Place the three plugs onto the terminals (posts) at the end of the Cell - Red on top; blue middle and black at the bottom.

11. ADJUST PLUGS - If the plugs are loose, you may have to tighten them up by crimping the ends of the plugs slightly with a pair of pliers.

12. ATTACH CUP - Place the cup over the end of the cell.

13. REPLACE LOCKING RING - Place the new Locking Ring over the end of the Cup and screw it onto the end of the Cell.

14. REPLACE OUTER COVER - Press the two halves of the Outer Cover together over the Cell. You will hear them click. Make sure that all latches are connected. They may need some pressure to engage completely.

15. REPLACE UNION COLLARS - Screw the Union Collars back into place.

16. COLLECT CABLE END - Locate the loose end of the Cable and take it up to the Control Unit.

17. UNSCREW CONTROL UNIT - Remove the four screws that hold the Control Unit onto the wall plate - two on the top and one on each side of the Unit at its base.

18. REMOVE CONTROL UNIT - Take the Control Unit off the wall and lay it on its back. I used a portable bench here because of the short power cord.

19. REMOVE BOTTOM SCREWS. - Remove the 6 screws that hold the gray Housing Cover onto the base of the Control Unit.

20. REMOVE HOUSING COVER - Turn the Control Unit over and lift of the Housing Cover. Place the Housing Cover upside down next to the Control Unit.

21. REMOVE RIBBON CONNECTOR - Lift the end terminal of the ribbon cord out of its socket in the Housing Cover. Set the Housing Cover aside.

22. IDENTIFY CELL CABLE WIRES - The Cell Cable contains a packet of three wires: the red, black wires carry the power; the blue wire provides sensing and control. The wires enter the bottom of the Control Unit through a grommet and are routed inside the Unit under the panel board.

23. UNPLUG BLUE WIRE - Carefully unplug the blue wire located next to the copper ring, labeled J22. It might help to use a small screwdriver to gently pry it off the lug.

24. REMOVE GROMMET - Twist or pull the grommet out of its hole in the bottom of the Control Unit.

25. REMOVE BLUE WIRE - With the grommet out of the way, pull the blue wire out through the bottom of the Control Unit.

26. CUT BLACK AND RED WIRES - With your wire cutters, cut the black and red wires on the outside of the Control Unit. Try to leave about 1 inch of wire outside the Unit.

27. REMOVE PANEL SCREWS - Unscrew the two screws that hold down the lower end of the panel screw is located on the left side of the board behind the clear contact casing and the other is on the bottom right corner.

28. PULL WIRES FROM UNDER PANEL - Carefully lift the edge of the panel board and pull the cut ends of the red and black wires back inside the Control Unit and out from under the panel.

29. STRIP WIRES - Strip the ends of the red and black wires back one inch.

30. FEED NEW CELL CORD INTO CONTROL UNIT - Feed the new cell cord (three wires) through the grommet then into the hole at the bottom of the Control Unit.

31. STRIP ENDS OF CELL CORD - Pull the new cord out from under the panel board and strip the ends of the red and black wires.

32. CONNECT WIRES - Combine the two black and red wires from the Cell Cord with the two wires connected to the panel. First twist the ends of each of the wires clockwise to make a tighter bundle of the braided wire. Then place the like colored wire together (black to black and red to red) and place a Spring Connector over each set and turn clockwise. Pull on each wire to ensure they are connected tightly.

33. PLUG IN NEW BLUE WIRE - Plug the blue wire from the new Cell Cord into the panel board at terminal J22.

34. PLACE CONNECTORS UNDER PANEL - Carefully lift the end of the panel board and place the wire connectors and excess wire underneath so they are out of the way.

35. SCREW DOWN PANEL - Replace the two screws previously removed from the board to secure it to the Control Unit.

36. SLIDE GROMMET INTO HOLE - Slide the grommet into the hole at the bottom of the Control Unit. 

37. PLUG IN RIBBON CONNECTOR - Plug the end of the ribbon cord back into the Housing Cover.

38. REATTACH HOUSING - Place the Housing Cover onto the Control Unit. Tuck in all wires and make sure they are not pinched. Then turn the Unit over and secure the housing to the Control Unit base with six screws.

39. REMOUNT CONTROL UNIT - Place the Control Unit back on the wall panel and secure it with four screws.

40. CHECK OPERATION - Turn the power to the Control Unit ON and check its operation. After flashing for a short time the Power On and one of the Polarity LEDs should come on. This system is low on salt so its Add Salt LED is also on.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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