How To Change a Pool Filter Pressure Gauge on a Cartridge Filter

This guide will help you to replace the pressure gauge on a typical pool cartridge filter. After time your pool filter pressure gauge may become defective, reading abnormally high or low or getting stuck at one reading. 

1. The first step is to turn off the pool pump to stop the flow of water through the pool cartridge filter.

2. Next you will have to relieve the pressure that has built up in the pool filter. To relieve pressure turn the air relief valve on top of the filter counter-clockwise. Water will spray out initially as you see the pressure on the pool filter pressure gauge go to 0 psi.

3. Twist the base of the pool filter pressure gauge counterclockwise to remove the gauge from the top of the pool filter head. You may have to use an open-end wrench to loosen the gauge. If you twist too hard from the top of the pressure valve, you may break the valve.

4. Wrap the threads of the pressure gauge with 3 layers of plumbers Teflon tape. Wind the tape CLOCKWISE as you face the open end of the fitting, beginning at the end of the fitting. DO NOT use Plumber's Pipe Dope.

5. Hand tighten and then turn the base of the gauge 1/4 turn with an open end wrench. DO NOT over tighten.

6. Turn on power to the pool pump to repressurize the pool filter.

7. The air relief valve should still be open. As the pressure builds, air will be released through the relief valve. When water starts to spray out of the valve, turn the valve clockwise to close it.

8. Check the pressure gauge. It typically reads between 10 - 20 psi but this will vary according to the make of pool cartridge filter or its age.

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