How to Change a pool filter multiport valve

In this guide you will learn how to replace a damaged or old Multiport Valve.The Multiport Valve on your filter could be called the command center, from this one piece you can have your filter complete six to seven different functions. For example Normal Filtration, Backwash and Rinse. Without a properly working valve, your filter would be unable to function properly. 

1. First, before disassembling your filter or changing the valve lever position turn off your pool pump to prevent any excessive water loss or safety hazards. Now that your water is no longer circulating through your filter system, switch your valve to the "Closed" position.

2. Before disassembling the body of your filter you will want to drain the system of its water. Locate the drain plug for your D.E. filter it will be on the lower portion of the filter. In our model it is located here. Wait until the pool filter has completely drained before moving forward.

3. To be able to remove the multiport valve from the filter body you must first remove it from the plumbing lines of the pool to do this you will need PVC cutters. Cut the inlet and outlet pipe PVC Cutter for up 2" pipe part #: 99-362-1050

4. When cutting the pipe you will want to leave enough room between the cut and the port of the valve for a coupler. This gap will be important when installing the new valve into the line. A gap no bigger that six inches on the inlet and outlet will be sufficient.

5. Once the plumbing has been cut to the valve the next step will be unscrewing the unions that connect the valve to the filter. The unions on a Sidemount valve will look like this

6. In cases in which you have a Top Mount Valve after disconnecting the plumbing lines, you will need to unscrew the valve or unfasten the clamp depending on your style of filter.

7. When the unions are finally unscrewed your valve can be pulled off the filter's valve ports. Discard the old multiport valve at this time.

8. Now onto install your new Filter Multiport Valve.

9. The first thing to do will be to connect the union connections to the filter body. This will create a stable platform for when you perform the replumbing later.

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