How To Change a Motor on a Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro Pool Pump

This guide shows you what is involved in replacing a motor on a Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro Pool Pump. Although it features a Max-E-Pro pump, similar steps can be applied to most pool pumps.

1. Here's a list of common tools you will need to replace your motor: screwdrivers (Phillip head and flat), 9/16" socket wrench, 7/16" open end wrench, channel wrench or strap wrench, silicon gasket lubrication (do not use petroleum jelly), clean soft cloth, "GO KIT" - pool pump seal replacements.

2. TURN OFF POWER - Before you start, make sure that the power to the pump is turned OFF. For maximum safety turn off the power at the circuit breaker to the motor.

3. SEPARATE MOTOR FROM PUMP - The pump we'll need to be separated in half at the seal plate and housing. Loosen the knob that secures the clamp. Remove the clamp from the Max-E-Pro pump.

4. ROTATE MOTOR ASSEMBLY - If you are tight on space behind the motor, now is when you can turn to gain easier access to the back.

5. DISCONNECT BONDING WIRE - Unfasten the heavy copper bonding wire from the bonding lug on the pool pump motor. We used a 1/4" socket to loosen the lug.

6. REMOVE COVER - Loosen the screw on the back of the cover and remove the cover.

7. DISCONNECT POWER WIRES - Disconnect the three wires coming into the motor through the conduit. 

There will be 4 wires if you are replacing a 2-speed motor.

8. UNSCREW CONDUIT ADAPTER - Unthread the conduit adapter and remove that as well as the wires from the old motor.

9. MOVE MOTOR - The motor is now completely disconnected and can be lifted out to be worked on in a more convenient area.

10. REMOVE DIFFUSER - Remove the 5 diffuser screws and pull the diffuser away from the motor assembly.

11. PREPARE TO REMOVE IMPELLER - To remove the impeller you will twist the impeller off in a counter-clockwise motion. The impeller cannot be freed from the motor shaft without first securing the motor shaft. Move to the back electrical end of the motor.

12. SECURE MOTOR SHAFT - To secure the shaft from rotating, slide a 7/16" wrench until it engages with the flat end of the motor shaft.

13. REMOVE IMPELLER - At the impeller end, twist off the impeller in a counter-clockwise motion. You may have to use a strap wrench to free up the impeller.

14. REMOVE MOTOR PLATE BOLTS - Using a 9/16" socket wrench, remove the four bolts that hold the seal plate to the motor.

15. REMOVE SEAL PLATE - Lift off the seal plate.

16. REMOVE SPRING SEAL FROM IMPELLER - Pull off the spring portion of the shaft seal from the pump impeller.

17. REMOVE CERAMIC SEAL FROM SEAL PLATE - The ceramic seal can be removed by pressing on the seal from the backside of the motor. It should pop right out.

18. PLACE WHITE HALF OF SHAFT SEAL - Set the new seal on the shaft inside the seal plate - white side up. Be very careful NOT TO TOUCH the white ceramic side of the seal with your hands. Use a clean cloth to push the seal into the seal plate.

19. PUT NEW HALF OF SHAFT SEAL ON IMPELLER - Push the other half of the new seal onto the pool pump impeller. Place the new seal with the black SHINY side facing out.  Again, DO NOT touch the shiny surface of the seal that will make contact with the white surface of the seal in the seal plate.

20. PUT SEAL PLATE ON MOTOR - Place the motor seal plate onto the motor shaft and slide it back against the face of the motor.

21. SECURE MOTOR TO PLATE WITH BOLTS - Tighten the 4 bolts from Step 14 using a 9/16" socket wrench.

22. REMOVE MOTOR COVER - Loosen the screw(s) at the back of the motor and remove the cap.

23. SECURE MOTOR SHAFT - To secure the shaft from rotating, slide a 7/16" wrench behind the thermal protector until it engages with the flat end of the motor shaft.

24. TWIST IMPELLER ONTO MOTOR SHAFT - Place the impeller onto the motor shaft and spin it on with a clockwise motion. Do not overtighten. Just firm it up.

25. SLIDE DIFFUSER O-RING ONTO DIFFUSER - Lubricate the diffuser o-ring using a Teflon or silicone lubricant. Slip the diffuser o-ring onto the front of the diffuser and into the groove.

26. PLACE DIFFUSER ONTO SEAL PLATE - Place the diffuser onto the seal plate and tighten the 5 screws from Step 10.

27. THREAD IN CONDUIT ADAPTER - Thread in conduit adapter in the hole next to the wiring terminal.

28. CONNECT POWER WIRES TO TERMINAL - Insert the three power wires through the electrical conduit. Connect the three power wires to the motor terminal. Black wire (hot) to terminal L1; Red wire (hot) to terminal L2; and green ground wire to the ground screw.

Note: We wired this motor for 230V. There is a wiring diagram for 115V on the motor label.

29. REINSTALL MOTOR COVER - Slide the cover back onto the motor and tighten the 2 screws.

30. ATTACH BONDING WIRE - Attach the bonding wire onto the motor's bonding lug.

31. INSTALL HOUSING O-RING - Lubricate the housing o-ring and install it into the grove on the volute.

32. REINSTALL CLAMP - Push the motor assembly up against the pump housing. Wrap the clamp around the two halves and tighten the knob.

33. INSTALLATION COMPLETE - At this point, the pump can be primed and the power can be turned back on.

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