How to Change a Hayward Tiger Shark Impeller

This instruction provides a step-by-step procedure for replacinga a Hayward Tiger Shark Impeller. A functioning Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Impeller is key to a well working cleaner. The impeller not only creates the suction for the cleaner but also creates down-force to provide grip to climb walls. If your Tiger Shark Cleaner is having issues in either of these areas you may have a damaged impeller (The cleaner used in this "How To" is a Dirt Devil QC; which has the same design as the Hayward Tiger Shark cleaner.)

1. With your Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner sitting on its rollers, you will see at the top of the cleaner a vent and fan, these are the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner's Impeller and Impeller Tube. Replacement Tiger Shark Cleaner Impeller part #: 3276-023, Impeller Tube part #: 3276-22

2. To access the Impeller fir you must remove the Impeller Tube, to do this turn the tube counter-clockwise until the locks on the impeller tube line up with the notches in the Hayward Tiger Shark cleaner and pull out.

3. The Tiger Shark Cleaner's Impeller should be seen from this view while completing this step, in the middle of the Impeller you will see the locking screw. Remove this screw, being careful of the edges of the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Impeller fins as they can be very sharp or jagged if broken.

4. If the fan was broken and there are missing pieces from the blades, after you have removed the part, use this time to check for any missing shards in the body of the cleaner. Removal of these broken pieces will ensure that the cleaner resumes operation, these pieces will not cause further damage to the inside of the pool cleaner.

5. Place the Tiger Shark Impeller on the shaft, lining up the flat side of the shaft to the slotted hole on the Impeller and secure with screw.

6. Once the Tiger Shark Impeller is in place, re-install the impeller tube by placing it back in opening and securing it by turning it clockwise.

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