How to Change a Hayward Key Seal Assembly

This guide will walk you through replacing a Hayward Key Seal Assembly. Although this guide features a Hayward SP-714T Valve, many of the steps in the procedure can be applied to most other MPVs.The Key Seal Assembly is the bottom section of the Key, Cover and Handle Assembly in a Multiport Valve. It contains the spider gasket that helps direct the flow of water through the filter and out to the exit ports, Return and Waste. If this gasket is damaged, it will allow water to leak into undesignated areas, like leaking into the Waste port when in Filter mode. For many MPVs like this Hayward SP-714T Valve, the spider gasket is glued into the Key Seal Assembly at the factory and is not sold separately. To replace the gasket, so must buy and replace the Key Seal Assembly. 

1. BUY PARTS - For the Hayward SP414T Valve you will need to order a Key/seal Assembly (Diffuser w/ Gasket Glued In) (spx0714ca). If some of the smaller parts are damaged, you may also need to order, a Teflon Bearing Washer, one or two O-rings With Teflon Seals, a set of two Metal Washers and a Spring. If you have a different Multiport Valve, go to the parts list for your Valve. 

2. TURN OFF POWER TO PUMP - Turn off all power to the pump at the breaker box. You don"t want the pump accidentally turning on when you have the MPV open.

3. REMOVE HOLDING SCREWS - Your first step is to remove the 6 screws that secure the Key Cover and Handle Assembly to the Valve Body.

4. LIFT OUT ASSEMBLY - Once the 6 screws are removed, lift the Assembly out of the Valve Body.

5. DISSASSEMBLE THE ASSEMBLY - Once you have the Key, Cover and Handle Assembly out, you will have to disassemble it to get to the inner Key Assembly. Have a second person compress the MPV Spring to relieve pressure on the Handle Pin.

6. TAP OUT HANDLE PIN - With the Spring compressed, tap out the pin that secures the Handle to the Key Assembly Shaft.

7. REMOVE HANDLE - With the Pin out , you can remove pressure off the Assembly and lift off the Handle.

8. LIFT OFF VALVE COVER - Lift off the Valve Cover from the Key Assembly Stem.You may have to rock it back and forth a little. The white Plastic Bearing Washer will come off with the Cover. Keep track of it.

9. REMOVE SPRING AND WASHERS - Lift the two Metal Washers and Spring off of the Key Seal Assembly Stem.

10. REMOVE C-RING - Pry the yellow C-Ring off of the Stem.

11. REMOVE O-RINGS - Using a small flat headed screwdriver, pry the two O-rings out of the grooves in the Stem. If these are damaged, you will have to buy replacements.

12. SLIDE O-RINGS ONTO NEW ASSEMBLY - Slide the two O-rings into the grooves in the new Key Seal Assembly Stem.

13. ADD C-RING - Place the yellow C-ring under the top O-ring.

14. ADD METAL WASHER - Slide one of the Metal Washers onto the Stem.

15. ADD SPRING - Place the Spring onto the stem over the first Metal Washer.

16. ADD SECOND METAL WASHER - Place the second Metal Washer on top of the Spring.

17. PLACE COVER - Slide the Valve Cover onto the Stem and push it down as far as it will go.

18. PLACE PLASTIC BEARING WASHER - Place the Plastic Bearing Washer onto the Stem on top of the Valve Cover. If it is cracked, you will have to replace it.

19. VIEW HANDLE ALIGNMENT - Check the alignment of the handle. The front of the handle has to line up with the opening at the bottom of the valve. If the handle is not aligned correctly. your valve's modes could be 180 degrees out of sequence. You could be Backwashing when you think you are in Filter mode.

20. INSERT HANDLE PIN - Have another person push down on the Valve Cover to compress the spring. Align the Handle on the Stem as discussed above and insert the Handle Pin.

21. TAP IN HANDLE PIN - Tap in the Handle Pin with a punch.

22. ALIGN COVER ASSEMBLY WITH VALVE BODY - Look for a notch in the outer ring of the Assembly and a tab on the outer ring of the Valve Body. These should be aligned when you insert the Assembly to ensure that the Assembly is inserted correctly.

23. REPLACE COVER ASSEMBLY - Drop the Key Cover and Handle Assembly into the Valve Body.

24. SCREW DOWN ASSEMBLY - Secure the Assembly to the Valve Body with the six screws.

25. REPLACEMENT COMPLETE -  You have successfully replaced your Hayward Key Seal Assembly.

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