How to Change a Dolphin Advantage Filter Screen

In this guide you will learn how to replace a Dolphin Advantage Filter Screen.The Dolphin Advantage Pool Cleaner's filter screen is located in the belly of the unit, not only is it added protection preventing debris from getting to the motor unit but it also helps maintain the bag's form while in the unit.

1. With your Dolphin Pool Cleaner upside down. First, remove the Bottom Lid Assembly by unfastening the Dolphin cleaner's yellow clips and and pulling out the assembly. Replacement Bottom Lid Assembly part #: 3295-180, Parts for Bottom lid (including yellow clips) part #: 3295-424

2. With Bottom Lid Assembly removed you should be presented with the Dolphin Cleaner Filter Screen and the motor assembly. On either side of the pool cleaner filter screen you should there is a metal bracket and plastic guide, you must remove the screw that connects these parts. Once removed you can slide the dolphin cleaner filter screen up and out. Replacement Filter Screen part #: 3295-040, Filter Screen Screw part #: 3295-188

3. Now take you new Dolphin Advantage Filter Screen, and slide into place being sure it is seater securely in place, then secure screw into the tabs, put Bottom Lid Assembly back in place to resume operation of your Dolphin Advantage Pool Cleaner.

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