How To Change a Booster Pump

The intention of this guide is to present how to replace a booster pump. A booster pump supplies high-pressure water to a pressure side pool cleaner to optimize cleaner efficiency and performance. The pump is not self-priming and should only be used when the pool pump is on. Running the booster pump without the pool pump will damage it. 

1. Be sure to turn off power to the pool pump and booster pump. Close any valves before where the hoses are connected to the plumbing. This will prevent loss of water when you disconnect the hoses.

2. Remove the retainer clip rings from the intake and discharge hose. You should be able to push the clip off. If it is difficult to remove, you can use a flathead screwdriver to push it off.

3. Once you remove the clips, push the sleeve down towards the PVC fitting then pull the hose off. Place the hoses aside.

4. Remove the bonding wire from the motor (if you have one).

5. Next, remove the back cover that houses the wiring.

6. Once the cover is removed, loosen the ground screw to remove the ground wire. Next, remove the 2 additional lines (colors may vary).

7. Once the wires have been removed, slowly pull the wires out of the conduit fitting. Then remove the conduit fitting (if you are going to re-use it on the new pump). Now the booster pump can be removed.

8. Next, we will install 2 new quick connects on the new booster pump. Be sure to install the retainer clip onto the soft tube fitting before installing the fitting onto the pump.

9. Once you have installed the retainer clip, apply a bead of silicone onto the threads of the fitting then install it onto the pump. You can use an adjustable wrench to tighten the fitting. DO NOT overtighten.

10. With the fittings in place, you can place the booster pump in a position to be wired and plumbed in. You can use the other 2 quick disconnects to replace the older fittings in the plumbing (hopefully they are not glued in).

11. Use the old hose that was placed aside to measure the the hose lengths needed to be cut. I would recommend using a sharp knife or blade to get a smooth edge.

12. With the new pump and fittings in place, connect the new hoses to the intake and discharge. If the new hose is difficult to slide over the fitting, try using some soapy water. Once the hose is on, pull up on the sleeve and insert the retainer clip. 

13. Once you are done with the hoses, remove the back cover on the new motor to expose the wiring terminal.

14. The new motor has a protective plug on the side that needs to be removed so that you can wire it.  Remove the cover and install the conduit fitting on the new motor.

15. Feed the wire through the conduit fitting.

16. The pump comes factory wired to 230v. If you have 115v, follow the wiring diagram on the motor label to change it to low voltage. Please refer to your motor label wiring diagram to wire your motor correctly.

17. We are connecting to 230v so we will not need to re-wire the motor (motor is pre-set to 230v) We are going to connect our “hot lines” to line 1 and line 6 and to the green screw for ground.

18. Once the motor has been wired, replace the back cover and reconnect the bonding wire.

19. Open any valves that you closed.

20. You are now ready to turn on the booster pump. Your pool cleaner should be up and running again. If there are any leaks or issues, retrace your steps to isolate and correct the issue.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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