How To Adjust the V-Switch on a Hayward Super Pump Motor

For those of you with pre November 2001 motors, this guide explains what to do to adjust the V-switch. If you remove or replace the V-Switch in your Hayward Super Pump motor, you may have to adjust the switch for optimum performance. Before November 2001, the switch was designed with a U bracket that required adjustment to line up the plastic button of the switch with the governor projection. After November 2001, the switch used a one-piece design that eliminated the need for adjustment. 

1. This picture identifies the parts of the V-Switch and governor that are involved with the switch adjustment: To adjust the switch, the gap between the plastic button at the point of the switch and the projection on top of the governor, must be between .010 and .040"

2. REMOVE SCREW - The first step in adjusting the V-switch is to remove the adjusting screw.

3. OPEN "U" BRACKET - Spread the "U' bracket to insure sufficient tension on the screw.

4. REPLACE SCREW - Replace the adjusting screw and start to tighten it.

5. LIFT GOVERNOR WEIGHT - Lift the governor weight as far as it will go.

6. MEASURE GAP - With the governor weight up, tighten the adjusting screw until the gap between the plastic button at the end of the switch and the governor projection is between .010"-.040". Note:  Use a paper clip. The wire of a paper clip is about .040" in diameter.

7. RELEASE WEIGHT - Release the governor weight. The switch's button should now contact the governor projection with the correct pressure.

8. CAUTION - DO NOT bend the switch's contact blades to adjust the gap clearance.

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