How do pool alarms work?

Pool safety is serious problem for many pool owners as it can be the difference between life and death. Reports have shown that the number one cause of death for children under the age of five is accidental drowning. One way to ensure pool safety is to add a pool alarm system to your swimming pool. Pool alarm systems alert pool owners when there is an unexpected breach or intrusion of the swimming pool water. There are different types of pool alarm systems such as: surface wave detection alarm, sub-surface detection alarm, pool immersion alarm, and door and gate alarms. Each of these alarm types work in different ways to alert the pool owner of an unanticipated breach of the swimming pool water. Most surface wave detection pool alarms are either mounted to the deck of the swimming pool with a sensor that extends to the top of the water, or the unit floats on the water’s surface. The alarm is triggered by waves from a human or animal that has fallen into the swimming pool water. One of the more popular Inground Pool Alarm system that INYO offers is the POOL GUARD Inground Pool Guard Pool Alarm. Another type of pool alarm system that is commonly used is the sub-surface detection alarm. This type of alarm generally utilizes sensors that are positioned below the surface of the water. The alarm is activated / triggered when there is a change in pressure. One of Inyo Pool Products most popular sub-surface detection alarms for Inground swimming pools is the Smart Pool PE20 Inground Pool Alarm. Pool immersion alarms are another commonly used aquatic alarm system. This type of alarm normally consists of a base station and a bracelet or wristband that is equipped with a sensor and is perfect for small children and animals. The alarm for this type of unit is triggered once the bracelet or wristband has been submerged under water. Inyo Pool Products offers the Safety Turtle Base Station with Green Wristbandwhich has been highly regarded within the industry. Door and Gate alarms offer a different way of securing your pool than some of the other traditional pool alarm systems. Door and Gate alarms systems are installed on the doors or gates that are the point of entry to the pool or pool area. Once the door or gate alarm has been set and someone attempts to access the pool through the door or gate, the alarm will sound alerting the pool owner of the unauthorized entry attempt into the pool area. This type of alarm system is great for preventing possible intrusion into the swimming pool water. One Door/Gate alarm that we offer which meets or passes many local code requirements is the Smart Pool Yard Guard Gate/Door Alarm.

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