Hot Tub & Weighting Loss

Many people are searching for ways to lose weight without scientific evidence or even dangerous techniques. Sitting in a hot tub can do no more than boost your fitness regime and support your weight loss journey.

Although it does not provide much direct weight loss benefit, a hot tub can still help improve your overall health and fitness regime. It can also serve as an excellent recovery tool after a stressful day.


Muscle Recovery

Getting active and participating in various forms of physical activity is important for weight loss. Not only will it help you burn fat, it will also stimulate your muscles and improve your overall health.

A study conducted by Swedish Scientists has shown that hot water can help recover muscle pain and increase bloodflow, which can stimulate muscle recovery. This method is in contrast to the more traditional methods of cooling and icing.

Although the debate about the best way to get rid of muscle soreness is still ongoing, there is evidence that shows that hot baths can help strengthen and recover muscles.


Reducing Stress To Assist with Weight Loss

While hot tubs don't offer much direct weight loss, they can help people de-stress and reduce their stress levels. This is because the body produces a hormone called Cortisol. High levels of cortisol can cause poor muscle development and increase the risk of gaining weight. A hot tub can help lower cortisol levels and promote muscle growth.


Improved Slee p

Being tired can have a negative effect on a person's weight loss routine. It can also decrease their training times and make them more prone to consuming fattier food. Getting a hot bath can help improve sleep.

This technique works by setting your body up for a long night's sleep, which helps relieve muscle pain and improve your overall health. It's also great for those who are prone to injuring themselves.

Hot tub massage is a relaxing technique that can help you get a long night's sleep. It lets your body rest and helps keep you active and healthy. This procedure works for everyone.

A Welcome Reward

A hot tub is a great reward for a successful weight loss journey. It can help you break a routine and reduce the time spent in front of the TV.

After a long day at work or a hard fitness session, a dip in the hot tub can help reinvigorate and de-stress you. It's also a great way to reward yourself for doing something that's beneficial to your body.


Hot Tub Exercise or Yoga

You may want to try buoyancy in the hot tub to perform some physical acitvity. This benefit helps increase blood flow and reduce the impact on your muscles.

Aside from being a great form of exercise, yoga is also a great way to get in shape. This infographic will help you get in touch with some of the poses that are commonly performed in a hot tub. You could also try the following exercises:

- Calf Raises - Stand in the middle of your hot tub and raise yourself up on to your toes, a great way to tone your calves.

- Bicycle crunches - Bend one leg out from the seat and bring the knee in toward the chest while keeping the other leg straight. Return it slowly to straight.

- Flutter Kicks - Kicks are moves that are performed by holding a hot tub seat in your hands and attempting to keep your legs striached.

As with any exercise, make sure you stay hydrated. A hot tub can help replace the fluids that are lost during intense exercise.

Even if they are not directly beneficial to your health, hot tubs can be a great way to improve your overall fitness routine. With Endless Pools, you can get the ultimate fitness experience in the comfort of your home.


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