Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools

The SharkVac robotic pool cleaner from Hayward is designed to thoroughly clean and maintain the look of your pool. Its advanced features make it incredibly easy to use.

This is a great tool that will thoroughly clean and remove dirt and other debris from your pool in under two hours. It's designed to get rid of algae, mold, and other debris from the pool in under two hours.

The SharkVac is a revolutionary pool cleaner that will remove dirt, debris, and algae from your pool. It's designed to work seamlessly with most pool cleaning machines.

The Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great shark that will clean up after swimmers in its area. Instead of trying to get eaten alive, it will be cleaning up after itself.

This SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner is available in two models—the standard and the extra-large. Both models are equipped with a self-inflating filter that removes dirt and debris from the pool.



  • Advanced steering technology for more efficient cleaning;
  • Larger-than-average leaf collection basket;
  • Separate from your pool’s dedicated filtration system;
  • Helps cut down on chlorine use


Who’s it For

The Hayward SharkVac is for anybody who’s had it up to here with manually cleaning their pool. This pool-cleaning bot will allow you to give your friend a telescopic pool pole that will allow them to clean their pool by hand.



You live in an area surrounded by trees. However, when the leaves start to fall, you won’t feel like you’re in the woods anymore. This is when the leaf machine will come into play. It’ll help keep the leaves fresh and beautiful.

Having the SharkVac around will allow you to spend more time preparing for the party, making sure the decorations are set up, and getting the food and drinks ready.

The SharkVac is the ultimate silent servant that will remove the impurities from your pool at any time. Its advanced technology will reach into every corner of your pool and remove the steps.

Instead of going into your pool's filtration system, the SharkVac will collect the grime that it collects. It’s like having a vacuum cleaner in your pool.

The SharkVac's filter is easy to remove because it's whisper-quiet and can pick up algae, bugs, and leaves without a problem.

One of the features that makes this unit stand out is its out-of-water sensors. These are designed to protect the motor if it gets damaged.



If you don't have upper body strength, this isn't the pool robot for you. Instead, it's for you if you have a pool that needs cleaning.

The button that opens the top can be a bit challenging to get used to if you press hard with both thumbs. However, if you lift and twist it, it should get stuck into place.

When the cycle is finished, the cord gets twisted up, which is caused by the way the cleaner's path carries it around. It's like having a memory from when the cord was first used.

This means that once you remove it, it might take a bit of effort to untangle it properly. Getting it to behave properly is by laying it out in the sun before putting it in the pool.



If you’re looking for an easy-to-use pool cleaner that will do a great job, then the Hayward SharkVac is the product for you. It features a variety of features that will make your pool cleaning job a breeze.

The SharkVac is a great product that will keep your house sparkling clean. It comes with a built-in timer that will keep your house running smoothly.



Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools

  • EFFICIENT CLEANING PROGRAM: Smart steering technology helps users easily clean their pool floors and coves in less than two hours.
  • EASILY REMOVABLE TOP-ACCESS FILTER: Top-access filter is ideal for quick and easy removal of debris. Two fine porosity filter elements make it easy to clean.
  • EASY TO USE: This easy-to-use pump works seamlessly with your pool's filtration system. It does not require any additional equipment or hose connections.
  • SMART SENSORS: The out-of-water sensor prevents the pool cleaner from running out of the water. The beach-entry sensor reverses the direction when the cleaner gets into the water.

Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools

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Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools

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