Hayward PHS21CST (AquaNaut 200) Suction Pool Vacuum

Getting a pool clean can be a chore, especially if it's a chore that's usually done by hand. The AquaNaut Pool Vac from Hayward is an automatic pool cleaner that's designed to remove debris from the water.

The AquaNaut 200 is a self-adjusting pool cleaner that features variable vanes for better suction. It also has a roller skirt that can be adjusted to keep the suction constant.



This pool cleaner can handle various types of pool surfaces, such as concrete, fiberglass, and tile. It has a 33” hose and can clean up to 32” x 16” pool.


Roller Skirts

The AquaNaut 200 is a robust and reliable pool cleaner that features patented technologies. It's designed to thoroughly clean both indoor and outdoor pools. It's also built to handle larger debris without causing issues.

This model is far more durable and can handle debris that fall into the pool, such as pebbles. It also rolls over drains and can clean the walls and areas where the walls meet the bottom. Its steering sequence is also designed to cover both shallow and deep ends.


Leafs and other Debris

The AquaNaut 200 is a great pool cleaner for yards with trees. It picks up small twigs and leaves instead of just rolling over them.

The quiet operation of this pool cleaner makes it a great choice for keeping your pool clean. Its interchangeable throat allows you to customize the suction level based on your pool’s flow.




Have you been looking for a cleaner that will actually clean your pool? The AquaNaut 200 is the ultimate pool cleaner that will keep your pool sparkling clean. Its advanced features make it more noise-free and can handle debris and drain cleaning.

Many people who have used this service say that it is a great value for the money. It will clean their pool so well that it will not require many chemicals.

The Hayward PHS21CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum is a great choice if you are looking for a pool cleaner that is more durable and has better features.



Hayward PHS21CST (AquaNaut 200) Suction Pool Vacuum

  • Suction Side Pool Cleaner
  • Suitable for use with smaller pools (up to 16ft x 32ft)
  • Works with all pool types
  • Handles any size debris without clogging
  • Maintains constant suction with end-to-end cleaning
  • Optimal suction at any flow (ideal for use with variable speed pool pumps)
  • Note: Colors and design may vary
  • May be shipped out as the Phoenix
  • Online SKU replacement for In-Store SKU: PHS21CST

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