Hayward AG Pool Filters – The Best 3

You want to make sure that your AG pool is getting the most out of its filtration. Make the right choice with our help and you’ll save a huge amount of time. In this guide, we’ll cover the best Hayward AG Pool Filters.

The biggest benefit of having a filter is that it keeps the water cleaner, so it can spend more time enjoying it. It's also a great way to keep the bugs and debris at bay.

Speaking about the Hayward AG pool filters, they have the features and performance to meet all of your pool's needs. Keep reading to learn more:



1. Hayward - W3S180T92S - Above Ground Sand Filter and 1HP Pump

Hayward W3S180T92S Pro Series Top-Mount 18" Sand Filter and 1HP Power-Flo Matrix Pump with 6' Cord and Base. The W3S180T92S uses 150 lbs of #20 Silica Sand and has a max flow rate of 35 GPM. The W3S180T92S comes with a 6 position multiport valve. The positions are Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Closed, Recirculate, and Winter. The W3S180T92S comes with the filter, multiport valve, pump, equipment base, and two hoses with plumbing connections.


- Valve included

- Exclusive full-flow 360 self-cleaning laterals provide energy efficient operation and thorough backwashing

- Seven-position Vari-Flo control valve makes changing filter function quick and easy

- Corrosion-proof construction

- Reduced energy costs

- Easy-access assembly makes service simple

- For above ground or small in-ground pools



2. Hayward - W3EC40AC - D.E. Filter, 20 Sq Ft

Perflex Extended-Cycle diatomaceous earth (DE) filters provide crystal clear, sparkling water at an economical price. The Hayward Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. Filter clean pools fast, removing particles as small as two microns the first time through (average grain of sand is 1000 microns). It has set the standard in swimming pool filtration by incorporating the patented Flex-Tube, efficiently reusing the D.E. powder and dirt mixture to form fresh surfaces assuring longer cycles between cleaning. The Perflex Filter's diffuser and lower mixing chamber are specifically designed to produce an uniformed coating of D.E. on the Flex-Tubes and expel any air that may be present in the system from the filtered water returning to the pool. An exclusive bump handle activates the Flex-Tubes; instantly purging themselves of dirt and powder making it possible to drain the used diatomite without backwashing or dismantling the filter, saving hundreds of gallons of treated pool water. The combination pressure gauge and threaded inspection/service port are easy to read and remove when the filter needs cleaning.

Proven over many years, Perflex has set the standard in swimming pool filtration by incorporating the Flex-Tube design in combination with diatomaceous earth, the most effective filter media available. The result is superior water clarity, extended filter cleaning cycles - and no backwashing required.

Diatomaceous earth is the most efficient filter media known. The filter is charged by adding DE to the skimmer with the skimmer running on full. Cleaning is recommended when the filter is 10 - 12 PSI higher than its starting PSI.


- Cleans pools fast - removes even the smallest particles the first time through

- Patented Flex-Tube system efficiently reuses DE powder and dirt mixture to form fresh cleaning surfaces

- Exclusive bump handle activates the Flex-Tubes, causing them to instantly purge themselves of dirt and powder

- Easy access clamp assembly



3. Hayward - W3CC15093S - Cartridge Filter 150 sq ft. with 1.5HP Pump Combo

The Hayward X-Stream Cartridge Filter 150 sq. ft. with 1-1/2HP PowerFlo Matrix Single Speed Above Ground Pool Pump is a highly effective combination of equipment for above ground pools. With its rugged construction, highly efficient design, and hydraulically matched components, the Hayward X-stream Cartridge Filter with PowerFlo Matrix Pump provides all the clean, crystal clear water your above ground pool requires. The Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Above Ground Pump features an industrial-size strainer basket to collect a lot of debris without a lot of maintenance. The Hayward X-Stream cartridge filter includes a new filter element inside that provides 150 sq ft of filtration capability. This system provides excellent performance at an affordable price.

The Hayward X-Stream 150 sq. ft. Cartridge Filter with PowerFlo Matrix 1-1/2 HP Single Speed Above Ground Pump Combo comes with everything you need for installation including hoses.


- Product Type: Pool Filter

- Filter Type: Cartridge

- Filtration Area: 150 sq ft

- Pool Type: Above Ground

- Manufacturer: Hayward

- Warranty: 1-Year


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