Guide To Winter In-ground Pool Maintenance

Inground pools are also prone to damage if they are not taken care of properly. Winter is a great time to clean and maintain these areas. Having a pool cleaning and sealing up is a must if you want to avoid having issues down the road. It can also prevent costly repairs once the season has come.

Unfortunately, not having the proper equipment and supplies to maintain your pool during the winter season can prevent you from enjoying its reopening in the spring.

The combination of cold weather and snow can cause significant damage to your pool. This issue usually manifests in the form of cracks. The only way to prevent this type of damage is to regularly check your pool’s health.



During the winter months, your pool can get damaged by various factors. One of these is the liner, which can get distorted due to the cold weather.

The height of the pool's water is the best indicator of whether or not there is a leak. A crack can cause water to leak out, allowing air in.


Pool Parts

Although most of us don't pay much attention to our pool's components during the winter season, they're still important even when not in use. How long should you run pool pump? Generally, it depends on the rate of turnover of the water and the type of debris that's in the pool. If the water is already freezing, or it has a high debris buildup, then you should run the pump for a few hours to allow the ice to melt.


Filtration System

Without a proper filter, you can't prevent the particles from contaminating the water. Also, this could cause algae buildup.



It’s important to check your pool regularly for debris, especially during the winter months. Having a pool cover can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and algae.


Water Chemistry

Even though it’s cold outside, it’s still important to maintain your pool regularly. It’s not fun to do it during the winter, but it’s still important to do it once in a year. Check the pH level of your pool and its alkalinity. It is also important to make sure that the chemicals are not too old. An enzyme-based product is great for minimizing the amount of debris that can build up in your pool during the winter months. It can also help remove algae and prevent staining.



Green debris in the pool can cause algae to form. This algae can also cause water damage if it gets in contact with warm water. A good algaecide product can help you get rid of the algae in your pool. It effectively kills the algae that's consuming your pool's photosynthesis.


Deck Area

One of the most common ways that debris enters a pool is through the patio area. This can be dangerous since it can create a pool cover hazard.


Pool Cover

Make sure that the cover is secure and is attached to the pool. Also, make sure that the bag or other component is in place.


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