Five Unique Pool Closing Items

Winterization Kits

These pre-measured chemicals will make your pool's winter closing easier than ever. Whether you're looking for basic or the ultimate, these kits will make sure that your pool is ready for winter.


Winter Plugs

The Bungee-Plug is a unique and quick way to winterize your pool plumbing. It eliminates the need to remove anything from the pool. It does so by replacing the eyeball return fittings.


Skimmer Plug

A Skimmer Plug is a great way to conserve water by preventing the pool from draining during the winter. Just snap it into your pool's existing faceplate.


Blowout Skimmer Guard

A skimmer guard is a goal to protect your pool skimmer from freezing damage. This type of guard works by absorbing the ice that's growing on the surface of the pool.


Aqua Bloks

Since there are many factors that go into closing a winter cover, the easiest way to do this is to weigh down the edges. However, if you’re not careful, a set of thin water tubes can easily tear and puncture.


Patio Furniture Covers

While it’s easy to get distracted by the pool, Winterizing your patio furniture can help keep you focused on the task at hand. These covers are made of heavy-duty Rain-Tite fabric and are designed to protect your chairs, umbrellas, and tables from the elements.



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