Dry Acid vs Muriatic Acid

Both types of inorganic acid substances, are important components of the water balance of a swimming pool. Their chemical structures (cations and anions) are bound to each other.

Dry Acid

Sodium bisulfate is also known as dry acid. It's produced in granular form, and this usually has a white, dry appearance. In order to make dry acid, manufacturers mix sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. This mixture results in the presence of water and sodium bisulfate.

In addition to lowering the pH level of the water, dry acid can also help decrease the total alkalinity. It can also help maintain the water balance in pools with high total alkalinity. Although it can be stored in various conditions, it should be handled carefully due to its corrosive nature.

Dry acid can be added directly to the well-circulated pool water. However, it's important to first check the pool's pH level. After 6 hours of adding dry acid, it's important to maintain the water's condition.

Muriatic Acid

A type of hydrochloric acid known as muriatic acid is a mixture of hydrochloric acid and impurities. Although hydrochloric acid is a colorless substance, it has a yellow color due to the presence of impurities. This is because the presence of iron in the solution causes it to have a yellow tint.

Muriatic acid is produced by the distillation of salt and hydrochloric acid. The impurities in this acid are not affected by its properties. However, they can still be harmful. When compared to hydrochloric acid, the value of this acid is lower due to the presence of impurities.

Aside from being used as a cleaning agent, muric acid can also be used to clean various metal surfaces. For instance, it can be used to adjust the pH of the water in a swimming pool.

It can also be used to maintain the water balance of a swimming pool. However, using it as a cleaning agent is not as safe as using dry acid. This type of acid can cause damages to the surface if it gets spilled or accidentally hit it.

Dry Acid vs Muriatic Acid

The main difference between muriatic acid and dry acid is that the dry is safer to use in swimming pools.

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