DOLPHIN C6 Plus Commercial Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you’re looking for a robotic pool cleaner, then Dolphin is the best choice. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the C6 Plus.


Dynamic Scrub Brushes

The C6 Plus is the ultimate robotic pool cleaner. It features a wide 30.5-inch profile and four brushes that are designed to remove debris from the pool’s liners.

The four brushes on these rolls can turn in the opposite direction to get rid of obstacles on the pool's surface.


Efficient Filtration

The C6 Plus is designed to remove dirt, debris, and bubbles from your pool. It does so by using its heavy-duty motor that produces over a thousand gallons of water per minute.


Pool Coverage

With a cable that's more than 131 feet long, this robot pool cleaner can reach almost any depth without using the controller module. It's also made to reach all four corners of the pool.

The Dolphin C6 Plus is a robotic pool cleaner that can climb steep inclines and thoroughly clean the floor of your pool. It also has dual tread tracks that allow it to grip the water without toppling over.


Navigation system

The C6 Plus doesn’t rely on random patterns to guide you to the floor. Instead, it uses a series of sensors to map out the location of your pool and other aquatic activities.

The robot then calculates a path that will clean the most surface area efficiently. It does so by identifying obstacles on the map and the locations of ladders and steps.


Filter Bags

The belly of this beast has two filter bags. The first one has a 90-micron mesh for large debris, and the second one has a 50-micron mesh for microscopic contaminants.

Getting the filter bags out of the bag requires a lot of work. Since the water gets collected in various areas of the bag, it makes it easier to fish out.


4 to 8-hour Cleaning Cycles

The C6 Plus has three cleaning cycle presets. These are called Quick, Standard, and Enhanced. The main difference between these is the number of times it makes passes across the pool.


Remote Control and Caddy

Even though it's a simple plug-and-play device, the Maytronics C6 Plus can be made more convenient by enclosing a premium caddy. This unit features a built-in storage unit that lets users keep both the unit and the controller in place.

If you don’t want to push buttons on the robot, just pull the remote control out of the caddy and send cleaning instructions remotely. This device is compatible with the MyDolphin app.


Who Should Buy the Dolphin C6 Plus?

If your pool is getting too crowded, then the Dolphin C6 Plus is the robotic pool cleaner for you. It features a self-sufficient design and is capable of cleaning a pool that measures over 100 feet long. 


DOLPHIN C6 Plus Commercial Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

The advanced and double wide C6 Plus Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner powerfully attacks and removes stubborn contaminants from your pool's floor, walls, and waterline for optimal water quality!

  • Ideal for In Ground Pools
  • Commercial Grade
  • Cleans pools up to 121 ft
  • Filtration: Fine (70) & Ultra-fine (50)
  • Filter Type: Bag, Bottom Load
  • Scrubbing Brushes: 4 Standard
  • Cleaning Cycles: 4, 6, and 8 Hours
  • Includes: Delay Start, Full Filter Indicator, & Swivel Cable.
  • Wireless Remote Control Included.

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