Doheny's 250 Inground Robotic Cleaner Powered by AquaBot

Aquabot and Doheny's are two of the most trusted names in the swimming pool industry. Their partnership will provide the most efficient and unique robotic pool cleaners on the market at the lowest possible price.

The Doheny 250 is a robotic pool cleaner that's designed to clean both indoor and outdoor pool floors. It features a unique Drive & Pump motor that's powered by AquaSmart Gyro, a 3D Microfiber filter that's designed to remove 4,800 GPH of dirt.


Doheny's 250 Inground Robotic Cleaner

  • Method of Propulsion: Drive & Pump Motor
  • Wall Climbing: Floor, Wall & Waterline
  • Filter Loading: Top Access
  • Filter Type: 3D Fine Filter
  • Full Filter Bag Indicator: Yes
  • Cable Length: 52 ft. with Swivel
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Caddy for Transport: No
  • External Time Compatible: Yes
  • Gallons per Hour: 4,800 gal
  • Approx. Operating Cost: $0.05/hour
  • Cleaning Cycles: 2 hours


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