Does the Solar Pool Ionizer remove Black Algae?

The Pool Ionizer is ready to use. Just put it in your pool and it will operate automatically once it gets sunlight.

The Solar Pool Ionizer creates an ion in the water to kill algae. However, it will take a week for the water to get enough of these ions to prevent new algae from growing.

The product will NOT REMOVE the algae from your pool. You can do this by killing the algae and filtering the water.

This process can be done in a couple of days:

1. Unlike robotic pool cleaners, manual vacuums are designed to get rid of algae. They will not only do the job faster, they will also prevent the water from recirculating.

2. Getting the algae off the pool walls allows the sanitizer to penetrate the remaining layer of algae. It also helps remove the sediment. To get the algae off the walls, use a pool brush with a stiff pole. Also, pay attention to the areas where the algae usually grows. As the water gets cloudy, it will block the view of the pool.

3. To test the water's chemistry, use a liquid kit or test strips. Doing so will allow the sanitizer to kill the algae while keeping the water balanced.

4. If the algae is resistant to treatment, you might need to resort to shock therapy. This method will only work if the infection is severe.

Even if you don’t usually use chlorine shock, it’s still important to use calcium hypochlorite to kill algae. Follow the package's instructions to determine the dose, and multiply it by two, three, or four depending on the type of algae in your pool.

GreenAlgae: Shock x2

Yellow or Dark Green Algae: Shock x3

Black Algae: Shock x4

If you use stabilized chlorine, do not shock your pool. This will cause too much of the toxic substance known as cyanuric acid to enter the water, which can lead to algae growth.

Shock your pool at night or dusk to kill the algae before the sun can get a chance to break down the remaining chlorine.

5. When the shock treatment is used to kill the algae, it will turn the water cloudy blue. Run the filter continuously to get rid of the algae. You can also add a clarifier to speed the process up.

6. If you have a filter that's full of particles that are slowly filling your pool with algae, it's important that you thoroughly clean it. You can either replace it or deep clean it using a dilute acid solution. If you want to get rid of the algae fast, you can do it multiple times a day.

7. You can test the water's chemistry using your usual methods. You'll also want to make sure that the level of chlorine is back to normal before the water can be used.

8. After a couple of days, your pool should be balanced and looking good. The new Ionizer should have started producing enough ions to prevent the formation of new algae. After a week, inspect the copper anode. If it's still turning a greenish or bluish color, it's working.


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