Can I Use Epsom Salt in a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs and Epsom salts are known to relieve muscle aches and soreness. But, can you use these two in a hot tub?

Chemical Reactions of Epsom Salt in a Hot Tub

Epsom salts are an alkaline compound that can quickly disrupt the balance of water in your hot tub. Its mildly acidic properties can cause your hot tub to become unstable and unusable.

High Total Dissolved Solids

Since a regular bathtub can hold up to 80 gallons of water, it’s important to add 2 cups of Epsom salts to get the full therapeutic effects.

To get the same concentration of Epsom salts in your hot tub, you'll need around 12 cups of pure Epsom salts. This will dilute the water and make it hard to drain.

Many manufacturers suggest draining and reinstalling a hot tub when the level of dissolved solids exceeds 1500 ppm. Doing so can prevent the buildup of scale on the spa's surface and equipment.

Scale buildup can cause most damage to spa heaters, though jets and pool pumps can also accumulate if they are not maintained properly.

Alternatives to Epsom Salt in Your Hot Tub

Instead of using Epsom salts, try a safe and effective alternative.

A hot tub aromatherapy product is similar to Epsom salts in that it uses magnesium sulphate as its primary ingredient. However, instead of using the same chemical, spa crystals are formulated to work seamlessly in hot tubs and spas.

Many of spa crystals are also infused with organic herbs and minerals. They can also help nourish and de-stress. And, of course, they can also stimulate a mental state of relaxation.

A variety of bath bombs can also be used for relaxing and improving the skin's texture. They're also beneficial for treating stress and improving the water quality.


In most cases, you should never add Epsom salts to your hot tub. This is because they can cause harm to the water supply and cause long-term damage to the spa.

Use spa aromatherapy products to improve the effectiveness of your hot tub or spa. They can help reduce stress, boost circulation, and prevent buildup of scales.We carry dozens of aromatherapy products from top brands like Cover PharmaSpa, Spazazz, inSPAration, and Nature2.


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