Best 7 Fence Kits for Pools

Swimming pools are an amazing source of comfort and fun during the hot summer months. But with all the benefits that owning a pool brings, you also have a few responsibilities regarding pool safety. First and foremost, you have to make sure that nothing can accidentally fall into the pool. Small children and animals are the most vulnerable, and the best pool fence is the only sure way to keep them out.

With a good pool fence surrounding your pool, you can make sure that no one is sneaking into the water when you’re not around. Not to mention that it might be a law in your state!

With a myriad of options and all sorts of bells and whistles, shopping for a new pool fence can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the best pool fence to meet your needs. Here are the 7 best pool fences :



1. GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

This is a vinyl pool fence that was designed to attach to the installed braces of your swimming pool. Best for above ground pools, the fence offers 8 complete sections, but you can easily add more if you want to. Everything you need to set up GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit provides, so it has the instructions, posts, fencing pieces, and the hardware you will need.

Although only meant for above ground pools, it works very effectively in securing your pool to prevent kids from entering unsupervised. One more thing, you can easily attach the fence to another fence if your pool is constructed into a deck.


- Looks attractive when installed

- Sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions

- Each fence section measures 64.5" W x 1.5" D x 24" H

- Helps improve your pool's safety, UV protected

- Maintenance-free, rigid vinyl construction

- All fencing, fence posts, installation instructions, & required hardware included

- Includes only Kit C - 2 sections( Kit B- 3 sections, Kit A - 8 sections sold Seperately)


2. Life Saver DIY 72-foot Pool Fence

The Life Saver pool fence is probably the best fence that you can easily install on your own. Its extra-tough PVC-coated nylon mesh guarantees excellent stability and strength, while the 4-foot height complies with US CPSC regulations. Both the design and material quality of the Life Saver fence make it incredibly popular among owners in the pool fence reviews.


- Easy-to-install, do-it-yourself fencing kit helps keep children safe from accidental falls into your pool

- Industrial-strength mesh fence can be easily removed when no children are present and re-inserted when needed; recommended U.S. CPSC height of 4 feet

- Bundle package includes six 12-foot sections of fencing (72-feet total), self-closing gate kit, drill guide, poles (already assembled/attached), deck sleeves/caps, safety latch, and template

- Self-closing, self-latching gate helps make your backyard pool area a safer place for children; drill guide takes the guesswork out of the drilling process for proper in-ground installation

- Backed by a limited lifetime warranty; installation requires rotary hammer drill and long shaft masonry bit (not included); 7-day-a-week phone support


3. Water Warden 4 Ft. Pool Safety Fence

Water Warden measures 4 ft. by 12 ft. to ensure that it covers your pool with ease. Note that this fence doesn’t come with a safety gate or drill guide, just the fencing. It comes in a black color that doesn’t fade easily.

Another great thing about this fence is that it comes with everything you will need to install it. These things include instructions, an installation video, measuring template, and hardware.

Moreover, the fence is very easy to install and remove within a minute and you don’t need another person to help you. You only need to drill small holes and you will be ready to go.


- POOL SAFETY FENCE – Using a WaterWarden Pool Fence is a great way to protect against unauthorized access to your pool area, keeping your loved ones safe from accidents. While sturdy and extremely safe while in use, it’s easy to remove for any occasion.

- STRONG & DURABLE – WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Fences are UL-Certified and made of super-strong, UV protected Meshylene fabric with reinforced edging to prevent fraying. The maximum UV inhibitors make it suitable for all climates.

- DIMENSIONS – Each section of fence measures 4’ high and 12’ long. The spring-loaded safety latch system quickly and easily joins fence sections together, and you can buy as many sections as you need to safely surround your pool.

- DIY INSTALLATION – This WaterWarden pool enclosure fence installs in minutes by simply drilling ⅝” holes and inserting the poles. A drilling template, instructions, hardware, hooks, and insert caps to cover holes are included.

- WATERWARDEN – With state-of-the-art technology and a keen understanding of pool safety born of over five decades of experience, WaterWarden consistently leads the industry in product quality, reliability, ease-of-use, and service.


4. BISupply Plastic Fencing Roll

This fence roll is designed with lightweight plastic netting to serve as a temporary type of barricade.

But don’t let its light weight fool you. The rip-proof, high-density polyethylene is strong enough to keep children out.

The material is also brightly colored to clearly mark the protected area. And it’s a great barricade to put up for backyard parties when there won’t be any swimming.

This is easy to install with t-posts or fence posts. Or for extra stability, you can use fence stakes.

Each roll is 100 feet long and 4 feet high.


- Set Up a Temporary Barricade

- Vibrant Colors for Increased Visibility

 - Reusable Construction

 - Easy to Use

- Perfect Size for Your Needs


5. Giantex 4-Foot Swimming Pool Fence

This Giantex pool fence is made from lightweight aluminum tubing that is durable and strong but can easily be rolled up and stored when you no longer require the fencing solution. The plastic cap sleeves work well with either grass or cement base and all sections connect easily together, making this an excellent solution for anyone who wants to increase the safety of their pool.


- Climb-resistant mesh surface

- Extremely strong aluminum tubing

- Can be easily installed and removed by one person


6. Sentry Safety 4’x 12′ Pool Fence

The next option offers ease of installation and adjustability depending on your needs. Sentry Safety makes good pool fences, and the 4′ x 12′ model offers the level of protection the brand is known for. The fence arrives in pre-assembled parts that can be reduced to meet the needs of your pool. Removing the fence after use is also very easy.

Aside from the ease of installation and removal, one thing that makes the unit excellent is the durable build. The poles are made from aluminum and corrosion-resistant. The inner layers are made of PVC and stainless steel respectively. Therefore, you have a fence that can withstand heavy use without breaking.


- Pre-Assembled w/ Poles and Mesh sold in 12' sections

- Deck Sleeves & Caps are Included

- Rust Proof Powder Coated Aluminum & Stainless Steel

- Installs with a hammer drill, not a industrial core drill

- Limited Lifetime Warranty


7. VINGLI Pool Fence 4Ft x 96Ft Swimming Pool Fence in Ground Life Saver Fencing, Black

If you have a large inground swimming pool, the Vingli is a great choice to consider. Where many of the swimming pool safety fence choices have you purchase small sections and patching something together to work for your home, the Vingli comes as a full set to work with up to 96 feet of space.

You will need a high quality drill to install this swimming pool fencing, but it does go up quite easily if you follow directions. The high quality aluminum is weather resistant and can be used year after year. Even if you don’t have children that you are worried about, this fence would be a great choice to protect pets from falling in the pool.


- Comes with 96 feet of fencing

- Easy to take in and out when needed

- High quality material built to last outside


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