About Winter Pool Covers

Do we really need winter pool covers? Not only will they keep our pool warm during the winter months, they will also require a lot of work to maintain it.


What is it?

Winter pool covers are designed to be used throughout the winter to protect your pool from debris and provide additional protection. Having a winter pool cover is a must have for any pool owner. Not only will it protect your pool, it will also make your life easier!


Do You Really Need It?

Winter pool covers are typically purchased for their intended use only during the winter season. However, they can also be used year-round by installing solar pool covers.

One other thing that is not being talked about as much as it should be is the fact that a solar pool cover can prevent the formation of winter pool scaling or dust.

Protect your pool from the harsh drop in temperature by installing a solar pool cover. This prevents the calcium from staining the pool's surface.

Instead of getting a separate winter cover, get a solar pool cover that will last for the whole year. This is also beneficial for those who have seasonal affective conditions. Not only can solar pool covers extend the swimming season, they can also help keep the pool warm all year round.


Pool Cover Roller

Getting rid of pool covers can be a bit challenging once they’re on, especially after a day of using the pool. This is why we highly suggest using a pool cover roller to get rid of them. Roll your pool cover on and off using a pool cover roller. Doing so will help you avoid getting bogged down in trying to keep your pool cover balanced.


Final Thoughts

Even if you have a winter pool cover, you still need to perform some basic maintenance to keep your pool running smoothly. A pool cover can be considered an essential if it saves you a lot of time.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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