6 Top-rated Pool Flocs

Iit’s the middle of summer, and you’ve planned a big pool party. But the pool is cloudy! No one’s going to swim in that! That's where pool flocculant comes in!

Pool flocculant is a chemical that when added to water clumps together particles sending them to the bottom of the pool where they can then be vacuumed.

It works by clumping together particles suspended in the pool water, which are too small to be caught in the filter. By clumping them together, it makes them big enough to fall out of suspension to the bottom of the pool. They can then be removed by manual vacuuming.

It’s ideal for sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. Because those filters normally have multiport valves that include a “Waste” setting, it’s easy to bypass the filter when removing the clumped particles and the flocculant.

Keep reading the pool flocculant reviews to learn more about the 6 top-rated best pool flocs currently available for purchase.



1. Baquacil 84398 Flocculant Swimming Pool Clarifier

The BAQUACIL Flocculant Swimming Pool Chemical is an iron-free aluminum sulfate compound used to treat persistent haze. Used for years by municipal water authorities, this product treats cloudy conditions and clarifies swimming pool water.


- Clarifies cloudy swimming pool water

-  1.5 pounds of Flocculant treats 10,000 gallons of pool water

- Designed to work with the Baquacil CDX Pool Care System for best results

- Chlorine-free formula; Iron-free; Eliminates water haze

- Includes one 1.5-lb container of Baquacil Flocculant


2. Cesco Solutions FC-100 Flocculant Clarifier

Cesco FC-100 Flocculant Clarifier contains a natural polymer derived from crustacean shells. Cesco FC-100 clarifies cloudy water by causing suspended organic and inorganic particles to coagulate or clump together. Once these unwanted particles have clumped together, they will either sink or float, depending on their density, and can be removed with a pool vacuum or pond filter.


- Non-toxic, biodegradable pool clarifier with a natural polymer derived from crustacean shells. The Cesco Solutions environmentally friendly formula is biodegradable and nontoxic and will not harm plants, animals or fish.

- Best flocculant: Catonic Polyelectrolytes gather and suspend particles and liquids which make water cloudy so that they can easily be removed by pool vacuum or pond filter, improving the overall filter efficiency

- Fast-acting pool water clarifier: This powerful water clarifier for pool removes soap and oil residue, as well as metal traces from the pool water, offering your family crystal clear pool water.

- Super concentrated, money saving formula: These highly concentrated pool supplies chemicals will go a long way for your swimming pool water treatment. Order your pool flocculant in a 64oz or 1, 2 or 5-gallon containers.

- Ideal for hot tub, spa, and pond water cleaning: This versatile clarifier is not just for pools - use in your hot tub, spa, pond or water feature.


3. Pool Basics 2440PB-02 Drop Down Liquid Flocculant for Swimming Pools

This liquid flocculant binds together both organic and inorganic particles that cause water to appear cloudy. Once unwanted particles are bound together they sink to the pool floor making it easier for a pool vacuum or drain to clean them away. This product will effectively flocculate organic and inorganic articles in swimming pool water.


- Effectively flocculates organic and inorganic particles suspended in swimming pool water.

- Binds Together Particles

- Clears Cloudy Water

- Particles Sink to Floor of pool for Easy Vacuuming


4. Rx Clear Granular Floc

For cloudy or murky pool water, use Rx Clear Clarifier to remove unwanted particles. Clarifier causes these particles of dirt and dust to coagulate or stick together so that they can be easily removed. Once the particles of dirt and dust coagulate, they are easy to clear out of your pool with your filter, skimmer, or vacuum. Just pour the clarifier chemical in and wait for the debris to settle.


- No more cloudy water - Swimming pool water becomes cloudy and murky when tiny and unwanted particles of dust and dirt are suspended and floating in the water. Clarifier causes these particles to coagulate or stick together so that they can be easily removed.

- No fuss cleaning - Using Rx Clear Granular Floc is an easy way to get your swimming pool clean without the hassle. Once the particles of dirt and dust coagulate, they are easy to clear out of your pool with your vacuum. Just pour the clarifier chemical in and wait for the debris to settle after 48 hours.

- Highly effective - The Rx Clear Granular Floc is powerful enough to make your swimming pool or hot tub crystal clear in very little time. Just use the recommended dosage of 2 lbs per 10,000 gallons of water. This method typically loses 4-8” of water vacuuming on waste.

- Works with sand filters - Use this flocculant chemical for efficient swimming pool maintenance with your pool’s sand filter. The Rx Clear Granular Floc is the extra step it takes for clear water. Run your sand filter for five minutes after pouring in the flocculant.

- Trusted pool chemicals - Maintain your swimming pool or spa with reliable pool chemicals and treatment supplies that you can depend on from Rx Clear. The Rx Clear Granular Floc is the premier choice for a trusted cleaning product to keep your pool in its best shape.


5. HTH 67029 Drop Out Flocculant Swimming Pool Cleaner

Quickly clear dull or cloudy pool water with HTH Drop Out Flocculant for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. This pool flocculant will cause dirt and fine particles to drop to the pool floor overnight to allow for easy vacuuming to waste the next day. Plus, the Drop Out Flocculant is compatible with saltwater systems and will not affect pH levels or damage filter equipment. 


- Takes dull and cloudy pool water and quickly turns it to a crystal-clear swimming pool that you can enjoy all season long

- Apply flocculant directly to pool; follow package instructions for best results

- Only for pools that can vacuum settled material directly to waste and not through the filter; works with saltwater pools

- Pool floc will not affect pH levels or damage filter equipment; Clears cloudy pool water; Improves filtration

- Includes one 1-qt container of drop out flocculant for your swimming pool water


6. In The Swim Super Floc Out Pool Water Clarifier

In The Swim Super Floc Out Clarifier is a liquid flocculant that settles suspended particles by breaking the surface tension of the pool. Having this particles settle on the pool bottom allows it to be vacuumed into the filter or out to waste. Super Floc will help you remove dead algae, non-living organic contaminants, and is safe for all pools and filters. Super floc is a clear odorless liquid and does not affect pH or sanitizer levels


- Recommended for after algae treatment

- Does not affect pH level

- Breaks the surface tension of the water to settle suspended particles

- Safe for use in all pool types

- Dosage: 8 ounces per 10,000 gallons


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