6 Tips How to Cool Your Pool in the Summer

A pool is a great way to beat the heat during the summer season. It can also be used to relax and relieve the stress. However, during the summer, the average pool water temperature can reach mid 90s in many areas. This makes it difficult to enjoy swimming.

If your pool has already reached the point of being too warm, then it’s time to cool it down. There are various ways to get rid of this issue and make it less of a pain to keep swimming in the pool.

1. Aerators

Aerators are commonly used to cool off pool water. They work by pushing water back into the pool using air. This method helps retain heat in the pool by producing small droplets of air.

When turning on the aerator, the pool plumbing or equipment you use should have a valve that needs to be opened. Most pool companies have labeled their valves so you can figure out which one controls the water flow.

Aerators tend to work better in dry climates. However, they are still effective in more humid climates as well.


2. Fountains and Waterfalls

Aerated water features such as pool waterfalls and fountains help cool the water in the pool. They also contribute to the pool's cooling by increasing the air exposure to the water.


3. Run the Pump at Night

Run the pool pump most at night to maximize the cooling effects of water features. Doing so will help lower the temperature of the water and the air around it.

While solar pool covers help conserve water and reduce evaporation, they can also contribute to a reduction in heat loss. Unfortunately, these features can also turn your pool into a hot water source, which can increase its temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


4. Solar Panels

Aside from being used for heating a pool, solar panels can also function as cooling agents. They can help keep the water cool by allowing it to pass through the panels while the pump is running.


5. Pool Coolers

A pool cooler or heat pump is similar to an air conditioner in that it uses refrigerant and a fan to take the heat out of the water and sends it back into the pool. This type of system is typically quieter than a standard pool cooler.


6. Shade

Although it's a natural feature of the landscape, keeping the pool covered in shade can be a bit challenging when the leaves from the trees fall into the water. Having a structure that can be fixed to the pool can also help keep the water cool.

There are a variety of ways to easily cool your pool, but some of these are simply not worth the expense. Another way to keep your pool cool is by running the pump at night.


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