5 Top-Rated Chlorine Tablets for Pool

Balancing swimming pool chemicals and keeping your pool clear is an important, year-round job.

Today, chlorine tablets are the most widely used disinfectants for safe and healthy pools due to their easy-to-use nature. Chlorine tablets have proven to be effective in eliminating waterborne pathogens capable of causing illness such as swimmer’s ear, diarrhea, and skin rashes. This disinfectant makes water sparkling blue that aids in the essence of swimming.

With the wide range of products available in the market it is confusing for most of the pool owners to get the best chlorine tablets per their need for the pool. It happens because these chlorine tablets have the same properties, and they have the same outlook. Still, not all brands provide the same chlorine tablets which need to ponder upon.

So, what are the best chlorine tablets out there? Here is a guide to help you through your search.

These 5 recommended chlorine products will ensure you have crystal clear and hygienically safe:


1. CLOROX Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3-Inch Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets, 5-Pound Chlorine

It is 3 inch long chlorinating tablets that last longer as compared to other tablets. The packaging includes 80 tablets that weigh 40 pounds.

The basic function of these tablets is to keep the pool and spa water clean and safe. It kills bacteria and algae by maintaining pool water safe for swimming. It eliminates all other harmful germs that can cause skin irritation and allergies if not prevented.

Further, it also gives protection against sunlight. Also, prevent chlorine loss that can keep water sanitize for a very long time.


- Kills bacteria

- Kills and prevents all types of pool algae

- Prevents corrosion, scale and stains

- Long-lasting sunlight protection


2. HTH 42033 Super 3" Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, 5 lbs

HTH Super 3” Chlorinating tablets keep your swimming pool clean and clear with a 4-in-1 formula that sanitizes pool water and protects against chlorine loss due to sun exposure. This formula includes built-in algae protection and clarifier for an amazing value in DIY pool care. Apply tablets to feeders, floaters or the skimmer basket, adding 1 tablet for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. HTH 3” tablets dissolve slowly and last up to one week. They’re great for vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems.


- Sanitizes and protects your pool water so you can enjoy swimming in clean and clear water all season long

- Place a tab in pool skimmer, floater, or feeder for simple, DIY pool care; 1 tablet treats 10,000 gallons of water for up to a week

- Compatible with vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems

- Kills bacteria and algae; Chlorinates for up to 1 week; Clarifies water; Sun protected for longer chlorine life

- Includes one 5-lb container of Super Chlorinating Tablets for swimming pools


3. Rx Clear 3-Inch Individually Wrapped Chlorine Tablets

Enjoy crystal clear pool water that is not harsh on your skin with the help of Rx Clear 3" stabilized chlorine tablets. It is stabilized with cyanuric acid, forming an iso-cyanurite giving it a longer shelf-life and less of an odor than other brand’s chlorine that utilize calcium hypochlorite. This one of a kind of product also has the added benefits of containing bactericide, algaecide, and disinfectant so you can minimize the hassle of using other corrective chemicals.


- Use 2 tablets per 10,000 gallons of pool water as needed by adding the pool chlorine tablets to your existing inline/offline chlorinator and using the flow of your pump to dissolve and distribute the pool chemicals or to a floating chlorine dispenser.

- Each individually wrapped chlorinating tablet weighs 7 ounces

- These Rx Clear chlorine tabs are slow dissolving, 90% available chlorine, 99% Trichlor. Note: Some of the tablets may be cracked or broken within their packaging due to shipping. This breakage is normal and does not reduce the effectiveness of these tabs

- Compared to other brands, the Rx Clear brand provides more available chlorine in each tab at a much lower cost


4. In the Swim 3-Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

In the swim, 3-inch stabilized chlorine tablets are another great product you can rely on to keep your swimming pool safe and healthy for use. The tablets are usually thicker than other pool chlorine tablets available. This thickness makes them dissolve slower than others and keep your pool water chlorinated sanitized for longer.

The 3-inch standard size makes the swim 3-inch stabilized tablets a perfect fit for your automatic feeders or floaters. In the swim, pool chlorine tablets are enriched with stabilized chlorine of 90%, a long-lasting sanitizing power that will keep your pool in perfect condition.


- Stabilized for long-lasting protection and contain 90% chlorine     

- Thicker and last longer than other chlorine tabs available

- They are light weighted with each tablet only weighing 8 oz

- Contain 99% Trichlor (Trichloro-s-Triazinetrione)

- Idea size for all kinds of automatic chlorine feeders or floaters, making them easy to use


5. Swim Best U009050050 Swimming Pool Chlorine, 50 lbs

Originated from the United States, the swim best chlorinating tablets are the best chlorine tabs around – EPA-approved. The tabs are well concentrated and produced to slowly dissolve in water for maximum safety with no mineral scale build-up.

With each tablet being sized 3-inch, the swim best chlorine tablets are ideal for your skimming basket, floaters, and feeders to give you stress-free sanitation and your pool the needed disinfection and clearing for a safe and healthy swimming experience.


- Swim Best 3 Inch Chlorinating Tablets Are The Highest Quality Available

- Country Of Origin: United States

- No Assembly Required

- Brand Name: Swim B


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