5 Reasons to Buy a Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Maytronics is a leading global manufacturer of pool cleaning robots. Their range of robotic models includes the Dolphin, which can perform various tasks such as pool cleaning and deep cleaning.

Having a pool is an investment that requires a lot of work and effort to maintain. With a robotic pool cleaner, you can save time and avoid spending thousands of hours on cleaning.


Save Your Time

Instead of wasting time on cleaning the pool, why not have it done by a pool cleaning robot that can thoroughly clean it in 2 hours? Just plug-in and drop the device into the pool.


Increased Cleaning Performance

The Dolphin uses a variety of cleaning equipment such as brushes and filters. Its ability to clean the surface of your pool makes it a great addition to any pool.


Extended Life on Pool Cleaning System + Energy Savings

With the help of robots, pool cleaning systems can use less energy. They can also filter out larger particles, which can make it easier to clean.


Can I Use a Robot if I Already Have a Suction Cleaner?

A pool cleaning robot can also be used to remove debris from the pool. However, both of these machines can be used at the same time. Many customers use a pool cleaning robot like a Dolphin to clean their pool. These devices are able to filter pool debris and particles, which is very different from traditional suction cleaners.


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