5 Best Floating Coolers for Pool

When you're relaxing in the water on a hot summer day, the last thing you want to do is get out in order to refresh your drink. Luckily, we’ve pulled together our list of the best floating coolers. With one of these 5 floating coolers all your beverages and snacks will be chilled and close at hand.


1. Intex Mega Chill Inflatable Floating Cooler

Intex’s Mega Chill Inflatable Floating Cooler is similar to Yamaha’s. But, the oversized, 35-inch diameter makes it infinitely more stable for active adventuring. In addition to the main section in the center, four cup holders and larger handles/pockets on the outside provide plenty of space for more drinks, hats, sunscreen, and whatever else you need for a day on the water.


- Six cup holders

- Four heavy-duty grab handles

- Includes patch repair kit


2. Airhead Aqua Oasis Beverage Floating Cooler

Got a small pool party coming up for close friends and family? The AIRHEAD AQUA OASIS Beverage Cooler is the ideal product for those more intimate occasions. Holding up to 24 cans or bottles, with six cup holders, the AIRHEAD cooler might not be the biggest on the market but certainly does the job, keeping your drinks cool. The numbered cup holders are ideal if you’re constantly getting your drinks mixed up and the size is large enough to keep everyone hydrated but small enough so it doesn’t get in the way. With a bright design, the AIRHEAD is perfect for long, lazy days in the sun by the pool. It doesn’t get much better than this! Our guide to the best coolers for camping features more great products like this.


- You don't have to interrupt the party to restock the cooler with airhead's aqua oasis

- The insulated leak-proof nylon cooler lifts up from the inflatable vinyl base

- It keeps 24 cans ice cold for hours and the 6 drink holders in the floating base are marked with numbers

- The sundry holder is a convenient place to store suntan lotion

- A molded plastic rope connector is welded to the side for tethering to an airhead lounge


3. Icee Floating Inflatable Cooler – Most Affordable

The Icee Floating Inflatable Cooler is not only the cheapest in our list but it is also highly effective. It is made of high-quality and thick PVC material that can keep ice and your drinks cold for hours. It is sturdy and will never tip over even with the splashing and jumping around.

This floating cooler has a decent capacity with a 27 inches diameter and 18 inches height. It can fit around 10 cans inside the cooler and has 6 handy drink holders outside. With this little accessory, you can have all the fun in the pool with your favorite drinks. 


- KEEP YOUR DRINKS COLD WHILE IN THE POOL – This officially licensed Icee Pool Floating Cooler is perfect for your next pool party, featuring a special zippered compartment for ice on top and SIX handy drink holders for your friends and family. You can't hang in the pool without your cold drink! Everyone will ask you where you got this from! This inflatable cooler is sized at 27” in diameter and 18” high.

- NOBODY WANTS A HOT COOLER! – Take the inflatable coolers for parties to any party, inflate, fill it with ice and you have a floating bar that is a lot fun to look at. Made of high quality PVC material, being thick and and more stable than other small drink holders, this cooler float will be such a unique and practical gift for your friends that like to swim and drink.

- WILL BE A HUGE HIT FOR ANY PARTY OR POOL - This floating drink holder for pool keeps your drinks cold and upright without having to leave the pool and it will be great for birthday parties, kids summer fun, BBQs and more. The side handles make this inflatable drink holder easy to transport around the pool, making sure that your ice-cold drinks are never farther than a quick swim.

- KEEP YOUR DRINKS ICY COLD THIS SUMMER - Drink floaties are a must have for pool season! The premium quality official licensed Icee pool drink holder floats for adults are built to last and to be used for normal recreational purposes. Drinks pictured not included. Do not drag over sharp objects or surfaces.

-  DO YOU NEED A FLOATING TABLE? No more crazy inventions that sank or tipped over. This pool drink holder is very sturdy and never tips over even with all of the splashing and jumping around. The floating cup holder can fit around 10 cans or bottles in the cooler section and another 6 drinks in the cup holders. Just insert your favorite beer, or soda, or whatever and you are good to go!

4. Beer Nation Inflatable Beer Pong Table and Cooler

If you’re looking for the ideal pool party floating cooler, then the Beer Nation Inflatable Beer Pong Table (with cooler, of course) is a perfect choice. Whether you’re chilling on the lake or having the ultimate pool party, this can be your centerpiece and keep you entertained for hours. There’s an extra-large cooler in the middle, which is then surrounded by the quintessential floating beer pong table, so you can grab and go and keeping refilling until your heart’s content. This is quite a large float, so might not be ideal for those with smaller pools and especially not for those with children, but if you have Spring Break or a big summer blow out coming up, then this floating cooler definitely does the job. For a gimmicky float, it’s also extremely high quality and well-constructed, so there’s no need to worry that it will let you down in those crucial beer pong moments. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best backpack coolers.


- THE BEST FLOATING BEER PONG TABLE for pool parties in the summer, beach days, or spring break. Our customers agree that this is the best inflatable beer pong table you can get!

- EXTRA LARGE COOLER in the center of the table keeps beer cold for hours of fun! The double reinforced cooler is strong enough to hold ice and a six pack, so you won’t need to leave the pool for a cold one!

- SHIPS IN A SECURE BOX so that you can rest assured that there will be no holes or damage to the table. It also makes a perfect gift! If your float starts to deflate, we have included a quick and easy repair kit in each package.

- FULL REGULATION SIZE beer pong table for pools. Enjoy the same 6 x 3 foot beirut table that you enjoy in the comfort of your garage or dorm room.

- 100% HAPPY CUSTOMER GUARANTEE If the Beer Nation Inflatable Beer Pong Table is not what you expected, *or if you just don't think it’s fun* we'll replace it or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


5. CoolerZ Floating Inflatable Cooler

The CoolerZ Floating Inflatable Cooler can hold 12 cans with ice inside and 6 cans outside. It’s also small enough to take in and out of the pool as it measures only 18.5 inches high and 27.5 inches in diameter. Plus, it weighs only about 1.60 lbs without your drinks on it.

Made with high-quality materials, this floating cooler is tough and you don’t have to worry about punctures. Just fill it with your favorite drinks, ice, and lock its lid to keep them all cold for hours.


- 27.5" Diameter; 18.5" High

- 6 cup holders around the side

- 2 heavy-duty handles for easy carrying


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